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We are Visual

Hello! We are a graphic and audiovisual design company with a focus on human rights. We build creative bridges that contribute to inclusion, equality and tolerance. Tell us your idea, we make it come true!

We promise to always work hand in hand with you.

We are part of the change, human rights DO matter.

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Graphic design

We help you conceptualize an idea from scratch to create the design you dreamed of. We produce all kinds of materials for both social networks and digital printing.

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Would you like to see ideas in motion? We join the wave that everything with animation looks much cooler. That's why we offer you animation in 2D Motion Graphics so you can let your imagination run wild.

Photography and video

The photo and video will always be the queen and king of documentation. Do not stay without capturing those important moments for you, for your company or organization.

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Everything is born with an idea and that idea that you are looking for so much so that your campaign is powerful can be found right here.

Trust that work to "las gatas", that's why we are with you.

How can we help you?

Meet the Team


Being women in times of constant change. Because everything is always in constant motion. 

To be women embarking on a path where women before did not have a name.

Being daring women, who break paradigms.

Women who fight, create and do what they are passionate about. That is what we are.

Mary Vargas Arce
Creative Director

From the depths of the town of Santo Domingo de Heredia comes Mariela. A dreamer and fighter soul. His head is always at a thousand revolutions, creating new ideas, tracing possibilities and routes. 

Graphic designer, photographer and actress by profession. Over the years he has specialized in the area of creativity and art direction. He is passionate about creating, writing and documentary photography.

Alexandra Bolaños González
Director of editing and digital animation

Always walking around the city, Alex came to art since she was little. She went from studying painting and music to design and animation. As an older sister, she has learned to listen, watch anime and entertain herself with logic games. Yes, it is Capricorn.

She has specialized in audiovisual editing, motion graphics and always finding the best solutions. She loves giving life to everything in her head and taking care of her little plants


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Do you have a project and would like to give it a visual extra?
Soy Gata

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+506 6341 3925

San Pedro 

San José, Costa Rica

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